About us

Nileland Associates is a private consulting firm that helps entities or institutions in their model, process, service, and product innovation. This customized consulting of Nileland aims at the innovation of both social and business deliverables provided by entities or institutions within education, tourism, transport, hospitality, ICT, health, finance, energy, water, trade, and manufacturing sectors. Our education innovation consulting takes in the general, vocational, and technical competence development; tourism innovation consulting is for sports, travel, artistic, tradefair, craftwork, recreation, and convention operations; transport service innovation consulting is concerned with taxicab, haulage, mototaxi, express-bus, and commuting operations; hospitality innovation consulting is for bar, salon, laundry, lodging, nightclub, restaurant, and coffeeshop operations; ICT innovation consulting centers on the softwaring, programming, networking, and databasing; health service innovation consulting is for preventive, diagnosis, and curative healthcare; financial innovation consulting focuses on the banking, insurance, forex, and investment; energy innovation consulting is concerned with lighting, heating, cooling, and powering; water innovation consulting is for sewerage, water supply, and water drainage; trade innovation consulting targets retail, and wholesale operations; manufacturing innovation consulting is for knitting, extraction, and production.


Nileland Associates aims to become a premier innovation consulting service agency in the great lakes region of Africa.


Nileland Associates strives to provide innovation consulting service to social and business organizations.